Our features

Simple Upload

Upload your videos as fast as your connection will allow.

Device Support

Videos will play back on just about any mobile device on the market.

free service

is free to sharing your videos on your website/blog

Live Stats

Get the true real time stats reporting.

Customized Player

Easily change the colours and style of your player

Fast Streaming

No time limits on streaming with fast speed.

Partner Program

Earn money sharing your content.

Millions of people trust us to store billions of files using our state of the art infrastructure. Join them and protect your data using one of the Internet’s most secure cloud and communication providers.

Earn a fixed amount per 10,000 downloads or streams. The payment amount is defined by the origin country referred to in the Level table / Worldmap below. To earn money with us you just need to follow these simple rules:

earn money
Extensive statistics

You like numbers?


We got you covered! See where your viewers are coming from. See if they use adblock. Improve your metrics based on that!

Not interested in statistics and numbers? In case you want to do a product placement in one of your videos, your potential advertisers need to know all your statistics. we got you covered!

If you have any further questions or ideas to improve our service contact us any time. We try to take feedback and suggestions seriously and make our users happy! Please take a minute reading both our FAQ and our TOS before sending us a messages regarding our Service.